FIKOM Millennials Fest 2019

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FIKOM Millennials Fest 2019
Tanggal : 12 Desember 2019
Tempat : Kemala Ballroom, Esa Unggul University, West Jakarta
Waktu : 1300 – Selesai

Deskripsi Event :
Come Join Us At Our Upcoming Event!

Fikom Millennials Fest 2019 is a project of Special Event class, Faculty of Communication Sciences, Esa Unggul University.

Fikom Millennials Conference with the theme “Rising the Millennials Engagement towards ASEAN Community in Intercultural and Youth Fields.” We would like to hold this event while choosing the above theme to remind young people especially that we are not only Indonesian citizens, we are also part of the ASEAN community, and it is supposed to be a “privilege” to millennials where that privilege needs to be utilized with various existing tools and platforms.

The intended benefits are still fairly “blurry”. Through this Talkshow, we aim to discuss and discover the advantages of being the ASEAN young people, what can we do to advance Indonesia and advance the quality of youth through the ASEAN platform.

Konten Event :

  • Millennial’s Talk : Rissing The Millennials Engagement Towards ASEAN Community in Intercultural and Youth Field
  • Fashion Runway

Pembicara :

  • Millennial’s Role for ASEAN Fellowship and Harmony
    • Speaker: Jianly Imanuel Bagensa (Duta Muda ASEAN Indonesia 2017)
  • Multicultural Communication in ASEAN
    • Speaker: Theodore Noverandi (The Philippines-Indonesian Youth)
  • Millennial’s Role in Asean Based Organization
    • Speaker: Agtha Lidyah Natania (Head of IR A.Y.O)
  • Millennial: Problem Solver for Threats in Asean
    • Speaker: Randa Sandhita (ASEAN Youth Change Make)

Moderator : Irsyad Al Ghifari (Outstanding Youth For The World)

Fashion Runway by

  • Firyal Afifah
  • Adien Artati Mahajani

Pendaftaran :

  • Biaya Pendaftaran : Rp 75.000
  • Fasilitas :
    • E-certificate (incld LokeTalks x Esa Unggul)
    • Snack
    • Talkshow Kit
  • Link Pendaftaran :

More Information :

  • Bagus Christianto : +62 896-2123-6061
  • Felia Melinda : +62 858-1179-0668
  • Instagram : fmfs19

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