Sonic Linguistic ’19 “Spiral of Time”


Sonic Linguistic ’19 “Spiral of Time”
Tanggal : 18 – 23 Februari 2019
Tempat : Man Insan Cendekia Serpong Tangerang Selatan

Deskripsi Event :
Wouldn’t it be great if we could go back in time and learn from the past? Fasten your seatbelt : we’re going to bring the concept to life in this year’s Sonic Linguistic. Let’s join the marvelous adventure and commit yourself in The Start, The Evolution, The Rise by joining our competitions:

Competition :

  • Science and Technology
    • Math Competition (SMP)
    • Science Competition (SMP)
    • General Quick n Smart (SMP)
    • LKIR (SMP/SMA)
    • Economics Competition (SMA)
    • Robotic Maze Solving (SMP/SMA)
  • Journalistic
    • Short Movie (SMP/SMA)
    • Photo Marathon (SMP/SMA)
    • Essay (SMP/SMA)
    • Cipta Cerita (SMP/SMA)
  • Sports, Art, and Culture
    • Saman (SMP/SMA)
    • Archery (SMP/SMA)
    • Mural (SMA)
    • Band (SMP/SMA)
    • Soccer (SMA)
    • Basketball (SMA)
  • Language
    • Story Telling (SMP/SMA)
    • Speech (SMP/SMA)
    • Khitobah (SMP/SMA)
    • Spelling Bee (SMP)
    • LDBI (SMA)
    • English Debate (SMA)
    • Musikalisasi Puisi (SMP/SMA)

More Information :

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